Rebate Shopping Benefits

Retail Benefits

Through our unique partnership with Retail Benefits, you'll start receiving cash back rebates on purchases made from many of the most popular retailers on the Internet!

It's not an on-line shop, it's extra savings from countless on-line shops and, chances are, you're already using some of them.

Retail benefits pays rebates on top of any other discount or sale price that may be offered, and you don't have to do anything differently. This one-of-a-kind program will alert you whenever rebates are available, and you just keep shopping as usual.

  • Why Wait?

    Take a look at the club benefits that help protect your family and save you money. You could be enjoying added peace of mind and discount shopping today! Join our club now.

  • Did you Know?

    There are many programs available to you. You can avoid paying more for less.

    While others tout many similar benefits, no other club offers the same comprehensive collection of benefits to match our value. Safe Secure Club is unique. Shop around and you won't find a better program or a better price.