Retail Benefits

As a member of Safe Secure Club you'll receive membership in this unique rebate program. Read More.

Child Security

Store pictures of your children and their vital identifying information where law enforcement can access it in any emergency. Read More.

Home Care Advantage

Covers the repair and replacement costs of many of the most frequent appliance breakdowns. Read More.

Security Newsletter

Keeps you up-to-date with ways to protect your assets and your family. Read More.

Home Inventory

Provides an online inventory of all your possessions, in one place, available 24 hours a day. Read More.

Discount Alarm Service

The same great service that could cost you 30% more should you go elsewhere. Keep your home safe and secure. Read More.

Buyers' Assistance

Helps you find the right price to replace an item that is beyond repair. Read More.

Restaurant Discount

Receive monthly $25 gift coupons from the websites of over 40,000 restaurants. Read More.

Free Troubleshooting

Let our technicians solve your repair calls over-the-phone. Many issues can be resolved with no service call required. Read More.

Discount Parts

Need an appliance part? Not only will we save the money, but we'll ship the part right to your door. Read More.

  • Unrivaled Protection

    Explore our benefits and discover the many ways that our club can help keep your family and your home safe and secure. Why wait? Enroll today and start enjoying complete peace of mind.

  • Testimonials

    "I knew Safe Secure Club protected my family, but I was surprised to find it covered my appliances, too. My refrigerator was repaired the very next day... for free!"
    James C.
    "Safe Secure Club looks after my family. I wouldn't go another day without it."
    Yvonne A.